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Hello, I am a retired Denver Lawyer, who has had a passion for collecting coins, since the age of 6. Sharing this passion with you, by virtue of this web site is my objective.

I have provided you with excellent US Dollar Coins, that have been graded by PCGS, NGC, ICG and ANACS. These include the Morgan, Peace, Eisenhower, Silver Eagle, Susan B Anthony, and the Sacagawea.

The Fact that You are on this Web Site means that You Deserve an Applause!

Understanding the Primary Rule of Coin Collecting is Critical. Collect Only Coins Slabbed by the Best. The "Best" means those companies that Grade Coins by following the Standards set by the ANA. Currently there are only Four Companies.

The Second Rule of Excellence in Coin Collecting is to realize that you are Exchanging Money for Money that will Work For You, and that You Can Enjoy. The price of a Rare Coin is Insignificant. It is the Value that is All Important. If the Value is There, Pay the Price Readily! The Investment will begin to work Immediately.

All Coins are small pieces of Art Work. There is Beauty and Grace as well as Incredible Skill to Create each Denomination. As a Collector, collect what you Enjoy. As an Investor, collect what you Respect and Honor. Both Collections will Appreciate; and both can be Enjoyed and be Satisfying.

Far better than a paper asset such as a savings account, IRA or 401K. But . . . you can make your IRA an Investment in Rare Coins! And do the same with the 401K! Consider Your Problems Solved!

Every body's Dream is to Collect Perfect Coins

Following the rules of Excellence in Coin Collecting, You will do so by Acquiring coins that have Only been Certified and Graded by the Best - one of the Top Four: PCGS, NGC, ANACS or ICG.

Doing otherwise is taking an unnecessary risk - in the purchase as well as the sale. Quality, of course, is important, but of greater importance is an Accurate Grade. The Only Way that One can Obtain an Accurate Grade is from an Independent Third Party Grading Company that Strictly Follows the Grading Standards Set by the ANA (American Numastic Association). There are some fine coins available for purchase in many different slabs. If they arn't Strictly Graded by ANA Standards, then you don't know the Value, even if you have an Authentic coin.

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